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Tan Sister Radio is a group of three 20 year olds, who in their own words were “born of the stacked suburban boxes of southern California to write songs of the latter generation”. They recently released a double A-sided single titled Flashing Vents/Pancakes and sent it over for me to check out.

During my first listen to “Flashing Vents” I felt like something was very familiar about the vocals…it turns out that the main vocalist of this particular track is none other than Max Greenhalgh, who is also a member of the band. I was already pretty intrigued by the Tan Sister’s rather strange e-mail, but this definitely changed things.

For regular readers, you’ll probably remember Max as Inspired and the Sleep. He’s been covered quite extensively here on Sirens. Four tracks to be exact, all pop music that I’ve enjoyed extensively – you will too.

Tan Sister Radio is a different branch on the same tree.

Behind the lead vox the band plays on. The groove is tight and the drums are confident but perfectly level with the track. The flicks of guitar that you’ll catch throughout “Flashing Vents” add a hint of sunshine, as well as a general bit of flavor.

Then, just as you least expect it…it happens. A sudden breakdown at about 2:35 into the track where the guitar gets a little bit of attitude, the harmonizing picks up, and the bass guitar really takes this thing over. The whole effect is pretty great. It goes from simple pop ditty to a great track.

Tan Sister Radio are selling the double A-side on their Bandcamp for $1. Surely, you can afford a dollar? I imagine they’d also like if you declared your undying love for them on Facebook. Listen to “Flashing Vents” below.

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