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I’ve gotta say, I believe feel good is the feeling of the day. Lots of good things going on at Sirens of Decay, so why not deliver one of the happiest tracks I’ve heard in recent days for you to finish the week off with? “In Knowing” is relentlessly bouncy and to be quite frank, very fun. It puts me in mind of simpler times as a child in the 80’s and early 90’s – not because it draws from those sounds, but because it is just so blissful sounding.

If I had to draw a comparison with another whimsical pop group, I’d have to compare the flippant and carefree attitude here with what I always seem to draw out of The Moldy Peaches. Swimming In Speakers sound nothing like them, but the delivery on this particular track puts me in mind of some of those half-happy half-depressed pop tracks.

Meadow Eliz and Chris Clarke are the two folks behind SiS, with Meadow delivering all variations of pop vocals and Chris lining your ears with synths, bells, whistles, beats, guitars and probably tons of other stuff I didn’t pick up on. It appears to be a hell of a match. In this particular track, the light sounds flying everywhere meld so well with the jovial vox that it’s amazing I haven’t just bounced on out of my chair.

IN KNOWING HOW DO YOU RESPOND...actually I waited a good long while before posting anything from Swimming In Speakers. I had received their LP at the tail end of last month and through various other happenings (website redesign, the real world, my boys, other music) I hadn’t gotten around to writing anything about the duo. Good stuff is afoot, however, and I have listened to this LP enough times to know “In Knowing” lay there to cap the mood.

“In Knowing” is taken off of Swimming in Speakers’ new LP Guessing The Others, which you may grab on Bandcamp. Stream the track below.

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  • Ann H 03/22/2013 - 3:47 PM

    Really nice words for such an amazing band. I love their whole album! Great song to bring in the weekend!