Noteworthy (Stream): Swahili – Vestal

0 Posted by - 08/07/2013 - Noteworthy, One Timer

Have I ever mentioned that I love Portland? I mean, I’ve never been there and I’m completely projecting based on my view of the city through a sports-based narrative, but love takes on many forms and yadda yadda. I bring it up because Portland outfit Swahili sent an e-mail with their latest track “Vestal”, which is something of a departure from the band’s previous efforts.


Danceable psych pop, that’s what they call this new sound. I’m right there with you, Swahili. It’s got this insanely fetching groove that dominates every thought I have about the track. I just can’t get it out of my head. Then there’s the Philip K. Dick inspiration (Valis, if you were wondering), which, as I gather, influences the instrumentation of the song. The music, the atmosphere itself, drips with a retro futuristic (oxymoron?) style fitting every late night in a fast car since the Model T. The the

I’m barely familiar with previous Swahili tracks, so I will not pretend to be qualified…still, it seems to me this band is well on it’s way to branching out in a positive direction that maybe you wouldn’t have foreseen previously.


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