Stream: Sun Angle – Time Snakes

0 Posted by - 03/07/2013 - One Timer

sunangleEclectic, wild, chaotic. These things describe “Twin Snakes” by Sun Angle, a three minute reckoning of guitars, percussion, and so many other sounds that it may seem overwhelming. If you take a deep breath and wade through the chaos, however, you’ll find you’re hearing something fresh and exciting.

According to clinical studies, “Twin Snakes” is also proven put more pep in your step. If it doesn’t, you are dead inside and should re-evaluate your cynicism.

This Portland band are releasing their debut album, Diamond Junk, on New Moss Records on May 7th. That also happens to be the first birthday of my youngest son. What I’m saying is…that’s gonna be a good day.

I GOT LOST IN A TIME SNAKE…(run on sentence forthcoming…now) but that’s okay because we always need a chance to feel like we are watching from a blender at the wildest party of the year while someone else keeps pushing the button. That probably didn’t make sense. I’m not sure “Time Snake” does either. Sure sounds great though.

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