Stream: Summerays – Ahoy There!

0 Posted by - 12/22/2012 - One Timer

summerSo obviously the world didn’t end. That’s great because while Mayan champions are now shamefully hiding in their shelters, I’m jamming to Luke Teeter’s newest single “Ahoy There!”. You might know him as Summerays because I covered and loved his Toyohashi 7″ earlier this year.

Everything that made “Toyohashi” great is found in “Ahoy There!” – this time though, Luke goes from borderline sunshine/melancholy to straight out upbeat goodness. Brightly singing guitars, Luke’s hazy vocals, and an instantly stuck in your head melody await you in “Ahoy There!”.

It also will make you feel warm in the winter.

Summerays will release his debut album Summer Daze on January 1st via Bandcamp for pay what you want. I’m sure I’ll be reminding you again…

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