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I discovered Splashh by accident about a week and a half ago. They were playing a show in my hometown of Knoxville on the 13th – I was back in town because my birthday was the 14th. I was hanging out with friends for the weekend, and the plan was to catch the Generationals show at Pilot Light that Saturday night.

My tickets said “with SPLASHH”. I didn’t know what a Splashh was. Was it some pop group with electronic influences like Generationals? A hip-hop ensemble? Three dudes in ties with one playing upright bass? What Splashh turned out to be, for me, was a brush with mortality. I can honestly say I’ve never attended a show where everyone playing in a group were younger than me (it’s also been some time since I’ve been to a small show).

At least I hadn’t til that Saturday.

I was turning 28 and I don’t know the age of these dudes, but I’m guessing it’s younger than me. While the Knoxville crowd didn’t give them much love, I could already tell these were some dudes to follow up on.

“All I Wanna Do” is a jangly circus of aahh’s and 90’s rock vibes that hit me pretty solid, particularly after the ever growing inbox treasure trove of electronic and pop music I’ve been receiving. It would seem we’re in a bit of a lull for rock submissions around here, so Splashh are here to hit the spot and give you those cool guitar sounds you’ve been craving. Maybe you weren’t craving ’em, but I surely was.

I might recap the show in greater detail at a later date, including the terrible pictures I took after getting Generationals permission to take them.

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