Stream & Video: Sol Cat – Triumphant Return & Dirty Glasses

0 Posted by - 04/09/2013 - One Timer

What’s a Sol Cat? Not sure. This Sol Cat is a band from nearby Nashville that plays an eclectic style of psychedelic rock that falls somewhere in the range of dance-able and hap-hazard. Their track “Triumphant Return” is a case in point of their free and loose style, not be confused with freestyle.

While riffs pile onto other riffs and climb up and down the track, the tribal rhythm of “Triumphant Return” is the real signal that you’re listening to something great. When you can catch a good rock track that also has bass you can nod your head or shake your ass to, you’ve gotta sign up for more. This track by Sol Cat is taking on new clients, so feel free to hop on that bandwagon anytime.

There’s also the hazy video for “Dirty Glasses”, wherein folks jam to the track while taking a shower just like you do at home. It’s pretty neat and something I hadn’t seen before. Hit it up top, stream “Triumphant Return” below.

Grab Sol Cat’s self-titled album on Bandcamp.

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