Stream: Ski Lodge – Boy

0 Posted by - 06/20/2013 - One Timer

I had nearly forgotten about the wonderful sounds of Ski Lodge. Nearly, but not entirely. I still dig up a track or two from the Ski Lodge catalog since my discovery of them a while back, mainly a track or two such as “Just To Be Like You”. In the meantime, I sigh softly while waiting for more sounds from Ski Lodge.

Consider that wait about to be over.

“Boy” is the newest beauty from Andrew Marr and co., and also the herald of a new album titled Big Heart which is dropping August 20th. Yes sir (or ma’am), that’s a mere two months away. Big Heart is gonna be packed with 11 tracks, including “Boy” and “Just To Be Like You”.

Bullett premiered the track and spoke with Mr. Marr, where he described “Boy” as being “about feeling trapped and feeling like a total victim of circumstance.” It definitely doesn’t feel as sunny as “Just To Be Like You”, but hell, that one may have some deeper meaning that I missed as well. My job here isn’t to dissect the words, only the full package, and here the package is standout and supreme.

Listen to “Boy” below:

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