Stream: Sir Sly – Found You Out

0 Posted by - 04/24/2013 - One Timer

Sir Sly re-drops “Found You Out” today, the fifth song in their highly regarded repertoire. It apparently disappeared from the net last fall, and now it’s here again. I’m not sure if it’s re-mixed or re-mastered, someone who heard the version last fall would have to comment on that. What I will say is this: “Found You Out” was definitely not what I was expecting after the Ghost 7″.

I’ve seen them compared to The Neighbourhood and compared them to The Neighbourhood myself, but the R&B pop or rap rock or whatever you want to label their “sound” comparisons are completely out the door on this track. The closest comparison is “Easy Now”, I suppose, from their previous work. This is basically pop rock with a bit of electronic influence. Previous efforts aside, it’s pretty catchy.

There are some neat little breakdowns, but I’m not sure how I feel about it compared to my love for “Gold” and “Ghost”. It’s a good track to be sure, but it remains to be seen how it holds up compared to their more hip-hop influenced tracks.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: sly shift in sir’s style

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