MP3: Side Saddle – Don’t Wait For Him

0 Posted by - 02/17/2014 - One Timer

It’s a secret fear of a lot of parents that they’ll have a wonderful daughter who grows up and runs into the kid described in this song. My wife and I had this very same conversation prior to both of our kids being born. Turns out they were both boys themselves. Now the hope is that they don’t become the boy in the song.

Side Saddle is the project of Ian McGuinness, a folk-pop effort that is going to have “Don’t Wait For Him” drilled into your brain after just one listen. It’s often hard to be straightforward lyrically in this vein and not seem overly sentimental or preachy, however McGuinness strikes at heart of summer dalliances with beautiful simplicity. Whether you were the boy or the girl in question, most of us have been there or are there now.

Enjoy “Don’t Wait For Him” and keep your eyes peeled for The Postcard EP on March 25th.

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