Stream: She Sir – Condensedindents

0 Posted by - 11/27/2012 - One Timer

I was a bit surprised to find this great new track by She Sir in my inbox. I guess you never know how people will find the things you put on the web, or when, or really expect them to. I post stuff from bands that I have never spoken too fairly regularly, via their PR folks or label sending me something or just discovering it on the music blogs that I frequent. Such was the case with She Sir originally, I found them while looking for something good to listen to – “You Could Be Tiger” fit that bill perfectly.

Now the band have sent over their newest single “Condensedindents”. Say it three times fast. No, really. Try. I can’t even say it once without talking in that loud, slow tone you use for folks who can’t understand you.

Immediately after pressing play you are hit with the bass line, and the backbone to this ditty is a smooth little groove giving “Condensedindents” a head nodding quality that combined with the percussion is a mite different than maybe I would have expected, which is nice. The more I listen, the more noticeable it is, and the more it keeps growing on me. There are other superb qualities readily evident. Those shimmering guitars that you heard in “You Could Be Tiger” make a triumphant return, with vox that are somewhere between a dream and a daze echoing out among the sounds.

“Condensedindents” is the first single off of the band’s forthcoming full length. No more information as of yet, but keep your ears peeled.

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