Stream: Sèyi – Icecold

0 Posted by - 07/02/2013 - One Timer

Sèyi (pronounced seh-yee) sent this over sometime in the last twenty four hours. No details, but apparently his flatmate does a mean backing vocal. I think declaring his (her?) flatmate as ‘My Flatmate’ is a pretty good artist name, to be honest, particularly when compared to others I see come through my inbox…

As for “Icecold”, well, it’s not what it appears. There’s a vastly understated intro that quickly evolves into some beautiful keys and a moderately uptempo pace, while male/female harmonies weave in and out of your eardrums in a very enchanting manner. One of the comments on Soundcloud describes “Icecold” as ‘angelic’ – I’m not sure I can get there with it. It feels like there’s something a tad more shadowy lying underneath.

Despite that, it’s got a beautiful sound and I think you’ll enjoy it.

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