Stream: Seatraffic – Superficial Heart (YR SKULL Remix)

0 Posted by - 03/25/2013 - One Timer

seatrafficI don’t get down with a lot of remixes. I’m an original recipe kind of guy. This YR SKULL remix of Seatraffic is pretty killer though. I’ve got a long and storied crush on the sounds of Seatraffic. They came straight out of San Francisco right into my headphones and have taken up permanent residence on many a playlist. It’s a damn shame they aren’t ubiquitous, but I digress.

YR SKULL took the introspective and thoughtful sounds of the San Francisco group and gave them a little added bass and some tropical flavor. Normally this is where I’d say something about “great sound for the summer” or what have you, but in reality that’s not exactly what this track makes me think of.

Listening to this remix of “Superficial Heart” I feel like I’m dancing with a raucous crowd on the bottom of a twelve foot pool. You can only be so raucous and wild standing under twelve feet of water, so I’d imagine our gyrations would look fluid and sanguine. That’s pretty much how this remix sounds. Very fluid, slightly tribal. It’s a nice direction to take the Seatraffic sound, to be honest.

Grab the MP3 (and the original cut of “Superficial Heart”) at the Seatraffic bandcamp for free. Stream the track below via Soundcloud.

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