Stream: Sales – Tonka Time

0 Posted by - 11/20/2013 - One Timer

It’s always “Tonka Time” in my household. My three year old sun has some toys he holds more dear than others, and his big yellow Tonka dump truck is almost as high on the list as his favorite bear, Lightning McQueen, and his hockey stick. This track by Sales has nothing to do with any of that, but the duo gives me the same kind of warm fuzzies I get when I watch him run around the house and the yard with his truck.

“Tonka Time” is the second part of the Renee/Tonka Time 7″ which was just released by Sales and is available in vinyl format on Bandcamp. It doesn’t sound quite as sunny as “Renee”, but it’s introspective pop you can listen to endlessly. If you haven’t heard “Renee”, you can check it out here. It was the song of the week here on Sirens a few months back…so yeah, it’s good.

Anyway, vinyl go get. This is the only Sales call you’ll take this month that won’t annoy the piss the piss out of you. Your ears will be pleased.

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