Stream: Reptar – Orifice Origami

0 Posted by - 04/04/2012 - One Timer

“Orifice Origami”, the newest track by Athens, GA band Reptar (bonus points for Rugrats reference, which my son watches religiously on Netflix) is kind of an eclectic mash of musical styles – the same thing that can be said for the makeup of the band in general, to be honest. “Orifice Origami” is the first track off the upcoming Body Faucet.

The doo-doo-doo and keys intro is the first indicator that you are in for some fun, and “Orifice Origami” quickly gets bouncing with a quick drum fill and Ulicny’s awesome vocals that are some weird juxtaposition of pleasing and snarky all at once.

The beat holding up the track will deliver neck pain, and if it doesn’t then that means you’ve probably carpal tunneled your foot from tapping it on the floor. The band’s constant blend of guitar and keyboards is nothing short of stellar, and I am waiting in line now for my copy of Body Faucet.

Yes, that’s right…the band named Reptar has an album named Body Faucet. You are surprised? It seems that not only are these guys great musicians, they also take themselves with a grain of salt.

Hmm, reminds me of a band named Arctic Monkeys…

You can download a free copy of “Orifice Origami” by hitting Reptar’s Facebook page and giving them a like.


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