Stream: Remedies – Inanimate

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What’s your opinion of bedroom recordings? I know quite a few folks in the real world who find the idea absolutely ridiculous – misguided and inferior, they’d say. I also seem to have a lot of readers who enjoy it immensely, and I’m also one of those. I am enamored with the idea of a solitary room and a person’s (or several) thoughts, tinkering and tweaking, trying to teach yourself what works and what doesn’t. Occasionally we get a fairly huge artist out of this endeavor. Often we get some incredibly intimate music that is indispensable.

Remedies are a fairly new experimental pop outfit from Birmingham, AL. They’ve already released one EP, Every Gorilla, in August of 2012. Earlier this month they queued up their second effort, Inanimate, which continues that bedroom pop tradition that so many new artists seem to be exploring these days. To be honest, it suits them. They sound great, and arguably better than a lot of professionally produced music that crosses my inbox.

The style of Remedies isn’t exactly my wheelhouse – they are typically a little more somber, a bit more dusk than dawn than most of the music I spend a lot of time with. That’s no knock on the band, though, as they’ve really got something great going on with this EP. In particular, I’ve fallen for the title track “Inanimate” which combines that lonely, bedroom aesthetic with an elegant cascade of guitar and droning vocals, lulling you yourself into a state of inertia.

Listen to “Inanimate” below and go check out the Inanimate EP on Bandcamp. It’s free.

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