Stream: Redfoot – Make It Quick

0 Posted by - 04/18/2013 - One Timer

What’s that? Another great track from NYC? I am so surprised. Redfoot’s “Make It Quick” has already made a few rounds around the interwebs, but I didn’t get my ears on it until my birthday Sunday. That’s when the band sent it my way. Thank you for the gift, Redfoot.

I’ve seen this labeled as atmospheric, indie folk, and haunting. It’s definitely got a touch of those qualities, no doubt. It’s actually quite the emotional sounding track. I have no clue about the lyrics as my word-spotting skills aren’t what they used to be, but it feels like a farewell parting. A breakup, a long distance trip, a move across the country…all of those things feel like the sounds of “Make It Quick”.

There’s gentle guitar licks and those kind of foggy, in-and-out vocals that make this track perfect for late nights.

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: gentle sounds as you wave goodbye

editor’s note: not once has “in five words or less” actually hit it’s mark

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