Stream: R Father & The Dashing Bastards – Older Children

0 Posted by - 03/21/2013 - One Timer

Couldn’t help but listen to a submission from a band called R Father & The Dashing Bastards. Names mean a lot in every facet of life, particularly music. This is yet another case of a good name reeling me in.

“Older Children” is a spiraling rock track that tiptoes that line between indie rock and a more mainstream sound. There’s some churning guitars throughout, but the main six string work you hear is arpeggios up and down the board fairly concisely, creating a hypnotic aspect to the track that is a welcome addition. R Father’s vocalist, Richi Fatheree (awesome name), has a somewhat higher tone than I would have expected, maybe even a little punk in style – however, I don’t believe the music would sound quite whole without him. Something deeper or broader wouldn’t quite cut the mustard.

I also dig the little story within the track. A bit of love, a bit of reminiscing, and a lot of rocking;

“We would meet in a mix of a common nerves, and in the indoor city we’d make contact with our awkward fingers.”

You can find R Father & The Dashing Bastards full self-titled EP on Bandcamp. If you dug this track, there’s four more right there for you. Even better, they included the lyrics for those of you (like me) who like easy access.

Feel free to stream “Older Children” below.

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