Stream: Porter Robinson – Sea of Voices

1 Posted by - 03/04/2014 - One Timer

If you woke up on this blustery Tuesday morning praying for the snow to melt and searching for an inspirational experience to start your day then I submit “Sea of Voices” for your hearing pleasure. Porter Robinson has created an aural journey that will wipe the sweat from your brow after a hard day while you sip one of Frank Underwood’s iced teas.

The beauty of “Sea of Voices” from start to finish is breathtaking, with the small snippets of vocals providing this giddy sense of buoyancy to what could easily be a galaxy wide space adventure authored by Mr. Robinson. I have heard some similar sounds here and there, but never really a full cut of this magnitude. We’re talking a cinematic level experience here.

The video should be epic. You can buy “Sea of Voices” on iTunes.

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