Stream: Popstrangers – Don’t Be Afraid

4 Posted by - 04/29/2014 - One Timer

“Don’t Be Afraid” has been haunting my Soundcloud feed for some time now, throughout my real journeys and other distractions that have been keeping me from dotting the Sirens landscape with wonderful new tunes. Popstrangers are a London group I do not think I’ve previously encountered, but based on the strength of “Country Kills” and “Don’t Be Afraid” I do believe I’ll dip my feet into the upcoming Fortuna.

It’s odd, really…the introductory notes for “Don’t Be Afraid” remind me of mid-90’s nu metal (KoRn, anyone), and the strange almost hip-hop swagger of the track kind of drives that sentiment home. Popstrangers are a long, far drive away from any kind of nu metal sound, but as a near 30 something who grew up on that stuff I can’t help but resurrect the comparison whenever I get the chance.

Apologies, musical elite. I won’t do it again! Do not fret, though. The pop stylings of Popstrangers in this track are quite stellar, nods to previous genres or no.

Fortuna is coming out May 27th. Pre-order it on the iTunes gadget.

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