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turntableThis was a present surprise. I didn’t know that I’d ever be able to lay ears on this track, even though I knew it existed. NO’s “Town On Fire” was the B-side on a 7″ release by Turntable Kitchen. Apparently it was also featured on Grey’s Anatomy, which, no matter your opinion on the show itself, is a nice feather in the cap for an indie band.

What can you expect from “Town On Fire”? Well if you loved the previous NO tracks I’ve posted, quite a lot. If you check out NO’s bandcamp you’ll notice they tag their songs with “post-hymnal” – I will venture out on the limb and say “Town On Fire” is the most “hymnal” of the NO hymns.

Listen to the beat of your heart/it’s moving down a two way street/you can pick a path to go/we can walk the long way home

The chorus, and indeed the entirety of this track is irresistibly catchy. You’re not gonna find it thumping in a club, or repeated word for word ad nauseum, but you will find yourself air drumming and giving your best deep-and-serious vocal treatment to “Town On Fire”.

The best question about this track is why it was hidden from all of us for so long. This may be the best NO I’ve heard, and we almost never heard it. That would’ve been a shame. Kudos to TTK and the band themselves for giving us a second chance. You can buy your own digital copy now on the NO bandcamp. I suggest you do that.

I TOOK THE LONG ROAD…so I could listen to this song on repeat a few more times. Listen close, it has a pulse.

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