Stream: Night Panther – Delta

0 Posted by - 08/05/2013 - One Timer

The middle third of this song is both weird and refreshing. I’m not sure it’s vintage Night Panther, but then again we don’t really know what vintage Night Panther is yet, do we? They are just now rolling up on eight tracks, by my count, which is the low end number you need for a full album. On the flip side, wow, maybe we might hear a Night Panther album sooner rather than later.

“Delta” feels mildly tropical, shedding the sex-pop sound to some degree and leaning a little towards sounding uplifting and/or inspirational. I’m not enthralled by it the same way I was “All For Love”, but every time I’ve played the track I’ve found myself smiling a little wider. This new cut is happy, at least the production is. I can’t speak for what it says as I have  not been able to make out the vox as of yet. They could be depressing or endearing on their own, but either way means little to me behind that beautiful extended outro.

The track is quite enjoyable. That’s all I’ve ever asked for from any artist and Night Panther continues to deliver. You can pick up the Delta/Fire 7″ via Small Plates Records – limited to 500 gold colored vinyl pressings.

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