Stream: New Gods – Razorblades

0 Posted by - 02/07/2013 - One Timer


A breathtaking, warmly toned riff opens “Razorblades” by New Gods. I could simply listen to that intro and give this song a passing grade. Good news is New Gods made those glorious sounds into a whole song!

This is my first encounter with the Melbourne band and first impressions are everything. This song packs pop sensibility into it’s tone, scratchy vocals meshing with a bluesy riff and some further electronic influences that are indescribable by me because I lack the proper knowledge to commentate about them. The whole package is very smooth.

The New Gods EP, where you can find “Razorblades” and another gem titled “On Your Side”, was released at the end of November last year. You can grab it on iTunes for $4.

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