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cratersWhen you pop on a track from Louisville, KY band Nerves Junior you are assured of two things. Clever and/or ironic song titles plus excellent sounds. Seeing as I now live a fairly short ride from Louisville in the great state of Kentucky myself, I have even more hope for their forthcoming album EP titled Craters which drops on February 12th.

“Goodnight Nobody” is the third track on the upcoming release and it finds the band adding to this mythical repertoire of midnight induced rhythms that seemed to permeate As Bright As Your Night Light. In a roundabout way, I would compare Nerves Junior and their very recognizable sound with The Neighbourhood and their own wheelhouse. Hold on now, I’m not saying the two sound the same musically. One thing is definite, though – you can always count on a new track from The Neighbourhood to go into some dark corner of society, the mind, or both (there’s also the recurring lust thing).

Nerves Junior is much the same way, except their “dark corner” is actually this soundscape that really brings to mind the night and all the things that go with it; the moon, the stars, trepidation, a sense of being alive when no one else is. I love Nerves Junior, don’t get me wrong. Their music, though…let’s just say I’d love to listen to As Bright As Your Night Light or Craters in my car on a lonely drive through some rural area. And I’d also be just as likely to hate it all the same because the band is excellent at evoking a feeling of twilight and freedom, but you can’t listen to “As Bright As Your Night Light” and not get a hint of something sinister…right? Nerves Junior just delivers that feeling in their tracks, like anything could happen.

I rambled through all that because I make strange comparisons on the regular, but also because “Goodnight Nobody” is more than an open road jam. You’ll find the band laid back, with a soothing touch and warm guitars ringing in and out. There’s a subtle yet lovingly crafted backbone of a beat that licks and nibbles at all the sounds waxing and waning in the foreground. It’s a truly great track and completely unexpected. I anticipated something more upbeat for the next Nerves Junior single, but I was wrong and glad for it.

I KNEW IT WAS GOLDEN WHEN…: …only a few short seconds into the track, vocalist Zack O’Renick warned us to stay close because “there’s always a troll underneath.” I don’t know if he was talking about internet trolls, Dungeons and Dragons trolls, or maybe he is just trolling us in his own song. Either way, this track is A+.

You can pre-order the Craters EP on the Nerves Junior bandcamp right now.It drops February 12th.

For those of you here in Bowling Green, Nerves Junior will be in town playing at Tidball’s on March 8th for their final show before heading to SXSW.


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