Stream: Mini Dresses – Everywhere I Go

0 Posted by - 08/16/2013 - One Timer

Mini Dresses are a dream pop duo from Boston by way of Austin, TX. Yesterday they released a two track EP simply titled Two, and with it a hyper-speed take on the chilled out pop genre we all find so endearing. Jangly, warm guitars fill the track while Lira Mondal’s vocals stream out in an ethereal call in “Everywhere I Go”. You can’t exactly label it as a fun track because there is a sense of stargazing and introspection, but something cheerful permeates it’s gentle sounds and grabs you like a flutter in the stomach as you coast over a rolling hill.

While also contributing the gorgeous vox, Ms. Mondal also plays bass meanwhile the other half of the duo, Caufield Schnug handles the guitar and drums. If the interest is there, Mini Dresses plans include releasing another EP in a month or so. It’s there, guys. I expect a new EP by 09/15/13, no later. Hard to find bedroom pop better than this.

Download Two on Bandcamp for free.

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