Stream: Mali Michael – Ghost

1 Posted by - 07/03/2013 - One Timer

“Never give up the ghost” is the advice Mali Michael gives in his first release, “Ghost”, which happens to be one of the more ear-pleasing tracks I’ve came across since early June.

My incredibly un-educated take on the production of “Ghost” leads me to describe it as the swimming pool effect. The night air is cooler than the water below. You jump back in and break the plane, feeling that warmth engulf you in a sudden wave. That’s how the “Ghost” feels…though at first blush the production is just a standard beat, there’s definitely a little more there to get engulfed in with your headphones on.

While Mali Michael’s falsetto vocals aren’t necessarily the strongest, they are quite endearing. I don’t mean that as an insult either…to be quite honest, he sounds great in his own way and I’d characterize his delivery as earnest and a little on the refreshing side. This doesn’t appear to be a style Mali Michael is attempting to emulate; it seems like this is truly his home.

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