Stream: Major Leagues – Endless Drain

0 Posted by - 08/15/2013 - One Timer

So, there are a few bands with league in the name. It’s confusing for me. Minor Leagues, Major Leagues…there’s probably a Big Leagues and Little Leagues, but I haven’t heard them yet. These Major Leagues are like baseball in it’s heyday – you remember, right? Back when it was unquestionably the #1 sport in America. Hello says the NFL.

Yeah, so Major Leagues aren’t from America – I don’t care, man. My point stands, because this single “Endless Drain” is the polar opposite. An upbeat piece of pop meant for driving way too damn fast on a narrow road, daytime or night, no cares, singing loud and just living one moment to the next. Remember when you used to be like that? Go do it again. Just don’t drive too fast. I’d like for you to come back in one piece and tell me about it.

Oh yeah, baseball is still cool. It’s not gotten more boring, you just got a smartphone. We just lost our patience, that’s all.

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