Stream: Love Cop – Just U & I’m Yours (I’m Bored)

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Love Cop is a Portland duo on GNAR TAPES that delve deeply into lo-fi and romantic songwriting, not unlike that which you’d find on Badlands by Dirty Beaches. The similarities pretty much end there, though. Love Cop seem quite content with creating precisely what they want without regard for what folks might think or want to hear – as a result, everything I’ve heard of their latest release Eat Yr Heart Out is nothing if not extremely genuine.

Do you remember Kanye’s speech about Beyonce when Taylor Swift won that Grammy? What about the vitriol spewed at Charles Barkley during his career (and even now in some cases)? I mention these because they are both artists/entertainers/men who are extremely confident in their opinions, confident in what they did, and they rightly didn’t give a good fuck whether anyone disagreed with them. Love Cop appears to be cut from that same mold. Their music is genuinely endearing, from the cassette tape fuzz on down to the smallest of lo-fi touches. However their lyricism may drive some of you away. My suggestion is to get over that and enjoy the show.

“Just U” is a hybrid love track. I say hybrid because it’s part fantasy and part love letter. Ultimately, I’m not sure that the lady in question would be thrilled about the finer details of Love Cop’s wording. The guitar that rings out above the verbed out vocals is quite interesting. It holds my attention so well that I almost forget to listen for tale the duo is telling. Far more than merely aesthetically lo-fi, “Just U” truly sounds like it was recorded in my bathroom with an 8-track and then a dude tossed some effects on it before burning the MP3. That sounds like I’m condemning the track, but in reality I’m telling you how awesome this thing is.

Like I said, Love Cop is nothing if not authentic.

The second track I wanted to write about was “I’m Yours (So Bored)”. When I was a misguided youth, my best friend Matt and I (the co-founder of the blog whom no longer contributes but watches from afar) thought we were gonna make some music. The only instrument I played was trombone, and neither of us could sing. Hell, no one we knew could sing. Matt did play some mean ass licks on the guitar, however, so we persisted for a short while before conceding defeat. “I’m Yours (So Bored)” sounds like a capable lo-fi version of an indie-pop song we wrote called “5 O’Clock”.

The programmed drums and rapid delivery of the verses creates a manic listen that nudges you toward the edge of your seat, while the intentionally simple lyricism drills into your head with surprising gusto. It won’t be hard for you to get the lyrics. My guess is you’ll be annoying your friends or significant other with your own deadpan intonation of “I hate it when you don’t pick up your phone” in short order.There are several great tracks to be found here, but this is hands down my favorite track on Eat Yr Heart Out.

As I said, there may be a few listeners who might get hung up on the lyrics or the lack of smooth sounds and production. I say to those people that sometimes you gotta go out and lose all your fucks and just enjoy something without picking it to death. We don’t do that enough nowadays. When you explore the music of Love Cop you might be taken aback by the inherent simplicity of their craft – not in the parts that combine to form Eat Yr Heart Out, but in the sum of those parts and how they take a few principles and craft an album that’s easy to enjoy so long as you check your pretense at the door.

Grab your cassette of the album right here at Gnar Tapes. You can also click through the bandcamp links below and get a few of the album tracks.

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