Stream: Los Porcos – Disco Gangster

0 Posted by - 02/24/2014 - One Timer

Los Porcos manage to have a sound I love, a style if you will, without ever treading the same path twice. Every track or set of tracks released feels like a mutation of the Porcos strain into some other satisfying genome. From “Sunshine” on back to “Do You Wanna Live?” I’ve gravitated to this “yacht rock” pop experiment. Maybe the disco was always there, but this time, it’s influence is truly felt.

With “Disco Gangster”, you get what you pay for. In this regard you get a track that feels funky enough for you to get down, plying your Monday blues with amiable pop that’ll give you the energy to slide into Tuesday.

I have no clue why Los Porcos removed every other song in their catalog from Soundcloud, but maybe we’ll find that out later. For now, I’m just glad the track they replaced the others with is a winner; a real hero.

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