Stream: Lone Doe – Leon Leon

0 Posted by - 08/13/2013 - One Timer

Pop music is at it’s best when it’s emotionally available (for lack of a better term). You need to be able to connect to it in some way, whether that’s a mindless fantasy about fun and sun or something deeper that strikes you in your core. We have so many opinions about music for the same reason we never really know who will be there when we fall – because everyone of us has something different inside, driving us, making us tick.

“Leon Leon” hooked me immediately with it’s driving rhythm, while the whispered vocals of Lone Doe spoke to me in a way that’s hard to express. I cannot tell what he says other than “Leon, Leon”, but I can easily draw an inference that it’s something close to his own heart, something that even I, a stranger from another country altogether might find dear.

The soft, jaunty ramble of “Leon, Leon” may not pound through your head and charge you up for a night on the town, but it might just provide you some comfort on a night alone.

You can grab the Window Window EP from Lone Doe on Bandcamp for free.

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