Stream: Liphemra – Bandaid

3 Posted by - 03/12/2014 - One Timer

Liphemra’s “Bandaid” has rattled around my consciousness for a few days. To hear it, I picture two stars crashing into each other – winking in and out of existence as they struggle against each other for survival.

While the track is irrepressibly catchy – and I mean insidiously so, you will not be able to shake the chorus from your head easily – it’s also backed by some of the most intriguing production and musical choices I’ve heard recently. There’s a time shift where the pace of the track takes on this manic intensity, which then fades back into that delightful stride that opened the track.

The LA based artist produced the track as well, so there’s that. Lots of talent there. She was also born on June 1st, 1001 according to Facebook. I’ll give Liphemra props for staying current at that advanced age.

No clue where you can buy it, though, so you’ll have to wait for that.

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