Stream: Lion Bark – Longhorns

0 Posted by - 11/15/2013 - One Timer

Fans of Texas? Possibly. More likely just a particularly great new band with an equal caliber song for your earbones. Brighton’s Lion Bark formed in music college and subsequently dropped out – they’d already found the band they enrolled to find. They released their newest track “Longhorns” yesterday and it’s just now catching my ears and I’m pretty hooked.

Cascading guitars and a romantic croon highlight Lion Bark’s “Longhorns”, who also vie with a very short list of artist submissions for the most unique (non-vulgar category) name I’ve ever received in the inbox. “Longhorns” feels like a crisp, fire-lit night on a cliff somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, overlooking the sea, reflecting and staring at the moonlight on the water.

Special shout out to the Lion Bark member who is a postman. Would love to hear some stories from you, sir. Also, what is the bark of a lion?

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