Stream: La Vega – Key West

0 Posted by - 06/24/2013 - One Timer

Sun, guitars, and melodies that cut to the heart of being young and in search of, and then in retreat from, love. “Key West” sounds 100% like it’s title, though La Vega is from Austin, TX, where beach life requires a bit of travel.

Throughout the song, La Vega details (my fingers keep typing LA, even though they know it’s wrong!) days spent searching for a love who has ran away. “Been hoping to find you since the moment you left me” slowly fades away, and the worm turns to say that the person in question sleeps better alone, noting “We were only lovers, we were never friends.” I’m fairly certain most of us above the age of twenty can relate to this track, from one side of the narrative or another, so credit to La Vega for wrapping up a very relatable story with an amazing melody and sunshine.

Wave drops on August 13th, with “Key West” being the first single from the debut by La Vega.

P.S. <3 the album art.

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