Stream: LA Font – Motor Rally

4 Posted by - 06/27/2014 - One Timer

This team called America crossed the fine line and made it through the “Group of Death” against all odds. There were no goddamn sharks, stick up kids, or Judge Dredds’ who could hold them back. Echo Park’s LA Font are pushing on as well, leaving the wonderful Diving Man behind and backing up the truck to your eardrums with a double sided single extravaganza.

Would you say LA Font lets their hair down a bit with “Motor Rally”? It feels that way. A lot of the more colorful aspects of Diving Man are stripped away for a straightforward, two minute pulse puncher that is no doubt the official theme song of the reckless and relentless Jermaine Jones when he puts on a US shirt. Danny Bobbe describes “Motor Rally” as “a two minute rock song about what it takes to become a motor cross champion. For one thing, your mom can’t be a chaperone at the prom.”

Yep, sounds just like Jones. Dude’s a wild man. LA Font are too. Pick up the Teen Bazooka/Motor Rally 7″ on Bandcamp.

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