Stream: Kavinsky – Odd Look (Remix) (feat. The Weeknd)

0 Posted by - 07/25/2013 - One Timer

Kavinsky’s “Odd Look” got some additional pep from The Weeknd, with what amounts to a breathless delivery from Abel Tesfaye. I’m not certain why he decided that there was no need for a pause in this “remix” of “Odd Look”, but it still sounds great. I guess the intensity of Kavinsky’s production is furthered bolstered by The Weeknd’s insistent croon – there is no time to stop, no time to wait…gotta go fast in that Ferrari Testarossa. I love the 80’s feel. This track (original version) would’ve been right at home in a video game or the movie Drive.

I like the track, but I’m not sure I love it yet. It has grown on me since I first heard it on Sunday, though. Check it out for yourself, and grab the Odd Look EP vinyl featuring a few more remixes if you’re into it.

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