Stream: Johnny Stimson – Daddy’s Money

0 Posted by - 08/22/2013 - One Timer

While daddy’s money will take you far in life, I don’t think it can get you as far in 2013 as it would have in, say, 1963.

Johnny Stimson decided to tackle the subject of rich girls and their free spending ways with “Daddy’s Money”, a 270 degree club track featuring another muggy ninety degrees of dance-ready pop anthems. As far as marriages go, it’s kind of like hitting that rich girl/guy lover lottery – there’s the part for the feet, and the part for your heart so you can sing til your lungs give out.

To be honest, I get a bit of a kick out of the track outside of the feel-good vibes. I believe that’s part of Stimson’s point; the plight of a rich girl (or guy) is a hard life, no? No. Everything is never enough, you gotta get that money.

Pick up the single on iTunes.

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