Premiere: Jemez Mountain Hawkz – Long Ride Home

0 Posted by - 12/06/2012 - One Timer

Jemez Mountain Hawkz are new to me. Made up of members of The Shins and Scared of Chaka, they’ve crafted a sound that lies somewhere between Americana and good old Southern rock nostalgia. They released their debut EP, Hey-Mez, at the beginning of October to the delight of quite a few around the blogosphere and are now back with “Long Ride Home” (taken from the self-same EP).

“Long Ride Home” was described to me as a track that “stirs up those complex feelings you have when you have too much time to think, and end up taking that lonely, perilous trip down memory lane.” I could not have said it better myself. When Seger sang about “a long and lonesome highway”, he had a track like this one in mind. Jemez Mountain Hawkz blunt no edges. The guitar work here was crafted expressly to evoke nostalgia and a little misery, but there’s also a faint shine of relief about that open road.

There’s no mistaking this particular track isn’t much like the norm around these parts. It is very much in the vein of what we are about, however. It’s music meant to move you, music that you can feel in your bones. Give it a listen on your next night on the open road.

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