Stream: Jaymes Young – One Last Time

0 Posted by - 08/19/2013 - One Timer

August 20th is the release date of Dark Star, and it looks like Jaymes Young couldn’t resist the pull of releasing one more single from the project before it drops.

“One Last Time” is an atmospheric arrangement – one that sees Jaymes Young become as much a part of the aural whispers in the production as we’ve heard on any track he’s released yet. While not faint, Young’s voice melts into the production creating a seamless, weightless expansion of thought and sound that veers from the more poppy elements of some of the previous Dark Star singles.

As a standalone track, this is probably not something you’re going to hear on a bunch of playlists… However, when considered as a part of the larger whole of Jaymes Young, his sound, and the melancholy style that permeates all of Dark Star, it fits right in. It’s a grower, not a shower, and if you need to chill out and cool off “One Last Time” will be right there with you.

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