Stream: Jaiel – Pressure

1 Posted by - 03/28/2014 - One Timer

“The world is filled with discrimination. We will reveal who we are when the time is ripe. as cliché as it may sound, we’ll just let our music do the talking.” That’s what I received from Jaiel of parts unknown earlier, packaged neatly with this sweet little number called “Pressure”. One thing you can say about these artists who remain anonymous – whether the hype builds or not, most of ’em are pretty good. Jaiel are no exception.

Ideally, I’d regale you with some comparisons for “Pressure” but instead I’ll let you handle that. I will say the track cuts an impressive figure with tremendous bass and a reggae influence. The frontwoman, whomever she is, lays it down something fierce over the percussion and if there’s a negative it’s that the track seems to conclude too soon. It’s hard to put your ears on until the vocals drop and you hear the outro, but “Pressure” binds rather dark production with a track that (on the surface at least) is fairly optimistic in message.

Whoever Jaiel is, they’ve got one fan under their belt. Let’s hear more.

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