Stream: Indian Summer – No Use

0 Posted by - 05/15/2013 - One Timer

As usual, the least expected is the best received. I’ve oft wondered why no one had used the name Indian Summer as an artist. I’m pretty sure that when my friends and I were considering starting our own we bandied it about, or it was suggested by someone. I mean you’ve got groups like Neon Indian, Cowboy Indian Bear, etc. Why not Indian Summer? Turns out, there’s been Indian Summer in existence for a while (apparently).

Granted, it’s strange to talk about Indian Summer when we just now had our first 80+ degree day in mid May, but I digress…

“No Use” by Indian Summer is funky, gorgeous, and way too good for my uncultured tastes. You could dance to it, you could make love to it…hell, you could make love with it, it sounds so good. Just electronic bliss wrapped with in a silky soul vocal package. “1.01 My  Heart Drops” is nearly as good, and may be better in some eyes.

Purchase “No Use” and “1.01 My Heart Drops” right here on iTunes.

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