Stream: Indian Rebound – Bowery Brats

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When I spend time away from Sirens of Decay there’s always an inevitable occurrence. I stumble on a song via inbox, friend, or other blogs that jump starts a return to the land of milk of honey. I’ve actually spent the last couple of weeks relocating…no longer in Richmond, VA, now in Kentucky and a short drive from Nashville. While getting settled I streamed music from the Hype Machine which then led to me finding Indian Rebound somehow or the other.

It’s really weird because they have released several songs but it’s nearly impossible to find any of them. If you check We All Want Someone To Shout For there are several posts about Indian Rebound…and almost all of the music is gone. My deep search led me to less than a handful of tracks, starting with “Backlash” and ending with “Bowery Brats”. Though my search was mostly fruitless, when I heard “Bowery Brats” I was smugly satisfied.

It doesn’t surprise me that We All Want Someone is a big fan of these three fellas. They have the same kind of vibe that early Arctic Monkeys possessed in their song writing, though maybe a tad more Americanized. One of the very few things I know about the band is each of the three member’s first names. Ethan Levenson manages to find that sweet spot between brooding rock vox and slightly sneering British voice that you would expect to accompany this track.

When I say that, I mean it as a compliment. The song is tight, it’s quick, and I really dig the percussion. With all that said the vocals are what make this track stand a head above most everything I’ve heard in a bit. Lyrically, it’s much better than I ever expected. “Bowery Brats” isn’t exactly a story, but isn’t exactly not either. It has a real nice flow to it.

It’s really a shame these dudes have taken down their older work from Bandcamp and Soundcloud. I’d love to hear it. I bet you would too.

Carry your fire and pitchforks and tell Indian Rebound to give us back the old tunes on Facebook. Stream “Bowery Brats” below.

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