Stream: I Know Leopard – She

0 Posted by - 08/22/2013 - One Timer

My fingers are failing me today. Every time I attempt to type I Know Leopard it comes out I Konw Lepoard. To be honest, my brain is scrambled from too much allergy medication and a severe lack of sleep. Late last night I received an e-mail from this Sydney pop act and decided to give “She” a spin ahead of all the other e-mails I missed yesterday (sorry folks!). From the slow, shimmering build up to the reward pay off packed with keys and fuzzed out guitars…it would have been hard to have capped off the day much better.

I Know Leopard (bungled, again! autocorrect…) call the track “blissful” and I concur. “She” is a bright light in the vast sea of indie pop – graceful and reassuring, as lovely as the genre can get without delving into far more sugary waters.

“She” is part of the forthcoming Illumina EP which I do not currently have a release date for.

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  • xiangk 08/23/2013 - 12:45 AM

    dope track