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Sometimes I am very shallow with my parsing of the Sirens inbox. Names, song and album titles, etc…I wouldn’t call myself chasing the shinys, but shinys definitely catch my eye. I’m definitely about that aesthetic life, and it carries over to my Soundcloud and Bandcamp surfing as well. Yesterday was a surprisingly light day for new tracks in my Soundcloud feed (though not my inbox), but someone I follow had retweeted “Indian Summer” by How Sad. I didn’t/don’t know How Sad, so I checked it out based purely on the pixel influenced art because, well, frankly it’s awesome looking (I’m jealous).

“Indian Summer” turned out to be a bouncy pop track with some well placed falsetto vocals played against a deeper, almost spoken word delivery style. To be honest, after my first listen I thought immediately about Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, specifically Andre 3000’s side of the double album. That’s a pretty awesome comparison where I’m from, because there were triple-A songs on that LP.

“Indian Summer” puts me back to the summer of 2004, a year after graduating high school and feeling aimless. It was stressful at the time, but looking back, it was easy living and fun 90% of the time.

How Sad are releasing the five track Indian Summer EP on August 20th on Bandcamp. Pre-order it there.

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