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0 Posted by - 03/29/2012 - One Timer

Last we heard from Hoodie he was making a pretty fun video while searching for James Franco…his search for Franco was fruitless, but his search for a successful career in hip-hop is about to take it’s biggest step yet as he releases “No Interruption”.

The track is the first single from the upcoming All American and it’s everything we mentioned in our review of Leap Year that Hoodie was trying to do…it’s a bit more mature in some ways, yet it still has the same fun wordplay that is synonymous with Hoodie Allen. Gone are the samples of our indie darlings, replaced with original beatwork and production.

While the overarching theme of the track is more or less standard hip-hop fare, it’s always been the style coupled with that substance that draws my ear into Hoodie’s tracks. The chorus of “No Interruption” stands up with all of your HA favorites, and the beat dances between thick bass for the chorus and an upbeat key driven verse.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but the potential success of Hoodie Allen commercially is a kind of vindication for all of us bloggers and music fans as well as Hoodie himself.

He’s given us lots of awesome free music, it’s time to pay him back.

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