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Well, it’s that time of year again. Last year we received one EP and a few singles from Hoodie Allen. He’s starting off 2013 early with Crew Cuts, a new mixtape with a few more collaborations than usual; it also contains “Cake Boy”, not coincidentally the first single and subject of this post.

Talking to Hoodie, he cautioned that this track would be his most varied single and “not a pop song”. I actually got my ears on it late last night thanks to iTunes and I feel like his analysis was pretty spot on.

Produced by legendary hip hop producer !llmind, “Cake Boy” features the sparsest beat (read as: awesome, yet not ear assaulting) I can remember hearing Hoodie rap over, basically forcing you to hone entirely in on his flow and the words he’s spitting. On my first listen, I will admit to being a bit skeptical. In a nutshell, you are greeted with the All-American rapper going a-cappella about his Instagram models eating cake and watching it go their bottoms.

The good news is that the track is extremely consistent – maybe one of the most consistent of the HA catalog. He brings his signature style; clever one-liners, a corny joke or two, and the occasional name drop (great Kevin Love wordplay) – though I must question his inclusion of Gordon Ramsay. Maybe it just went over my head? I’m sure he can explain.

Finally, the most notable feature of the new track is the “cake, cake, cake” which you will recognize as most recently similar to Kanye’s Cruel Summer track “Clique”. Honestly, I’ve got to say that as much as I thought it wouldn’t mesh into the track, it actually works pretty well.

Hoodie’s video is all about the summertime; he’s delivering cake for a living apparently, and he has the best looking employees that I’ve seen in the catering business.

You can grab your MP3 of “Cake Boy” on iTunes and you can expect Crew Cuts on February 20th.

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