Stream: Honey Bones – Dragg

0 Posted by - 08/20/2013 - One Timer

A pop group split between California and Idaho, connected by a high school friendship, sharing bits of tracks together and eventually producing a little summer magic. Who does that sound like? Honey Bones, the somewhat transcontinental duo who just released their first EP for free via Bandcamp.

“Dragg” is certainly not that; lyrics filled with reverie and wonder coast over sunny keys and guitars, leaving you with the feeling of backyard neighborhood get togethers during your formative years. I haven’t perused all of Honey Bones EP in depth, but the bit I have (in particular “Brevity, which I love) is certainly recommended. Also, major kudos to these dudes for including the lyrics. Trying to figure out some of these songs I receive is maddening, I say.

Pick up the EP here.

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