Stream: Holograms – Monolith

0 Posted by - 07/24/2012 - One Timer

Stockholm based Holograms have been plugging up my ears all day. I’ve literally only gotten my ears on this one track, “Monolith”, but it’s a good one. It’s like some sort of hybrid punk rock, or maybe it’s just rock…either way, the first time I heard it on A Volta I was hooked.

It doesn’t start out trying to grab you instantly – that doesn’t happen til the beat kicks in and the guitar starts crunching all over the place. It gets you going quick, adrenaline pumping. I just wish I knew what he was saying so I could shout it with him!

I’ve done a little dirt digging on the band and it appears this track is off their self titled release which dropped recently.

You can buy an absolutely bad-ass limited edition version of album from Captured Tracks. I recommend it if you’re into collecting vinyl and have money to spend.

If you’re not able to spend on a whim, there’s always Amazon.

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