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Back when I still lived outside of Richmond and Hurricane Irene tore up my lawn, I got my ears on Grrrl Friend for the first time. Their dirty brand of lo-fi was perfect for my nine days without power digging tree limbs, leaves, and assorted other hurricane paraphernalia out of my yard. Don’t get me wrong, compared to a Louisiana native or a Floridian we only experienced minor discomfort from Ms. Irene in Richmond. Still, for a country boy who lived in the Appalachian Mountains all his life a hurricane was not something ticked on my bucket list to experience. Grrrl Friend transported their sound from Portland to Richmond to help me pass the time.

“Balcony” is a Grrrl Friend track I didn’t know about and discovered only yesterday. Part of what appears to be an abandoned project, the single is a choice garage rock groove sprinkled with a pretty healthy helping of fetching chorus. Unfortunately, I also found out Grrrl Friend are on hiatus. I don’t know if that is permanent, but the only member of Grrrl Friend I’ve ever spoken with – Duffy Rongiiland – has a side project called LOVE COP that I wrote about a while back. It’s some pretty sweet, if slightly irreverent pop you’ll probably enjoy. You should check it out in the meantime.

That’s all for now. You can download “Balcony” and it’s B-side “Float Away (Never Again)” for free on Bandcamp. The page says “Balcony” was the first single off of an upcoming album titled Nothing 2 Celebrate due out “later this year”. That was 2012. It’s 2014.

Where’s the album, girlfriend?

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  • Joe 03/21/2014 - 9:29 PM

    Dam sucks about the Hiatus, good write up tho