Stream: Gospel Gossip – Except You

0 Posted by - 02/02/2013 - One Timer

gosgoss12_cover&backOceanic haze of beautifully strummed dissidence. Or something like that. That’s what you’ll hear from Gospel Gossips’ latest single “Except You”. That’s not all the good news, folks. Gospel Gossip are releasing their self titled debut album on March 19th on Old Blackberry Way. If you heard even a peep of “Atlantic Blue” or take the time to listen to this new track, you’ll be circling that date.

Effusive praise aside, there’s not a ton a blogger like myself can say about “Except You”. It’s stately and evocative, and while it’s lush atmosphere surrounds your ears you can feel a cool ocean breeze running through your hair. The band recorded their self-titled debut over a two year period with Neil Weir and I believe we can be assured of it’s impending quality.

FELT LIKE SINGING ALONG WHEN…I didn’t really. I actually felt more like strumming my imaginary guitar and maybe doing that the spread armed eagle/airplane flying thing. It’s very atmospheric as I said, the kind of track you get lost in. No singing along required.

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