Stream: Gospel Gossip – Atlantic Blue 7″

0 Posted by - 10/18/2012 - One Timer

The first five or six times I read this band name it was a real tongue twister. Gossip Gospel? Gospel Gospel? Gossip Gossip? Ah! Gospel Gossip! I’m not 100% sure I would have given it a fair listen if it weren’t for the interesting name. That would’ve been my mistake.

“Atlantic Blue” lies somewhere between 80’s ballad and modern shoegaze. I could seriously hear this beauty playing in Top Gun or Ghost just as easily I could see it being played on a small stage in a smoke filled bar later this evening. Does that mean it’s “timeless”? I don’t believe that labelling something as reminiscent of something else makes it “timeless”, but the hazy quality of this track lends itself to those 80’s pop qualities. It may not be Michael Bolton, but the instrumental really gets you there. I’d take Gospel Gossip any day, at any rate.

These guys are releasing the Atlantic Blue 7″ on November 2nd and you can pre-order it at their bandcamp. You can also catch all the latest gossip about ’em on Facebook. Stream the 7″ below and see what you think. I’m pretty sure you’ll dig.

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